IMprove - International Music Association

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Who we are

IMprove is a cultural association with an international character, based in Rome, but with activities and especially networks in Europe. IMprove deals with training and support for artists in the growth of their careers and tries to fill the great gap to date, in those areas that concern the transversal, informal skills that are fundamental to being a musician today.
It is no longer enough, in fact, to know how to play and produce good music, but also to know how to lead a project, leadership, know how to manage a team, have skills in promotion and booking, ability to build and develop relationships, have a network. In this area there are very few realities today that operate in it.

IMprove is also involved in the promotion and production of cultural events and social promotion activities, acting in territories, particularly with young people, intercultural, youth distress prevention, volunteering and international cooperation

What we do 

Mentoring, coaching, individual carreer development.
Classroom training and skills develoment. 
Writing projects, training and consulting.

Music is Life 

IMprove is also music for social inclusion, youth education and antidisadvantage, intercultural,  and support for the most fragile. MORE



 27/3 - 4/5/24_ On line Basic Course "Build your music career" . Sessions: BUILD YOUR MUSIC PROJECT; LEADERSHIP AND TEAM BUILDING; COMMUNICATION; FUNDRAISING. Read More

09/3/24_ OPEN DAY ON LINE_ Presentation of the Basic Course "Build your music carreer" 

20/12 _Jazz Workshop held in ART VILLAGE Rome, reserved to dancers students

24/11_1-15/12_12/01 2024 -  Jazz Workshop for the students of Tor Vergata - Musicology University 

17/11/3_ Master Class in Rome Conservatory - "How to improve your music career" - (Cecilia Sanchietti Lecturer) 

18/11/23_Rome Jazz Festival "COLOURS" Italian Swedish Jazz Project. 

31/03/23_ MENTORSHIP_Our mentors start to cooperate with Key Change, UK and International Organization engaged in music business and artists support.  

15/02/23_Basic course_"THE PROFESSION OF MUSICIAN" REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Held at Planet Drums, Rome. Direction Cecilia Sanchietti  

18/02/23_Teatro Arciliuto (RM) "More Human" Modern Jazz- Monika Herzig, Cecilia Sanchietti, Paolo Innarella, Ermanno Dodaro.