Music is Life

IMprove is music for 'social inclusion, territory, youth education and antidisadvantage, intercultural, volunteering and support for
the most fragile. Music is Life embraces all those projects that can be included in the previous categories, projects that use music as a form of redemption, change, improvement of the quality of life, well being. Music is Live wants to act at local, national and international level. 

A very important area of interest is "gender balance", within which in the past years it has contributed,  to the development of two important tools: Contiamoci, a survey on the situation of gender balance in jazz field in Italy, and DIJ-ITA, the platform of the italian female jazz musicians.  


At the moment Music is life is carrying out two projects in the Cinecittà East suburb, in the schools of the district: 

- Music and Inclusion with students with different abilities, it takes place in the morning and includes body percussion and drumming activities.
- Afternoon group music courses working on inclusion among children and with the local area. A choir, a body percussion group and a piano class are active.  

The courses are free and open to everyone. Who is interested in partecipate can contact our association at the email  

Gender Balance

Music is life has participated in activities on gender balance organised by the Jazz Mine association. These are the tools producted

The research on Gender Balance in Jazz Field in Italy - JazzMine (2020)

The platform of the Italian Female jazz musicians (2021)

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